Protect your Data - IT Security for Small Business

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Protect your Data - IT Security for Small Business

How secure is your business?

IT Security is no longer optional and we now must learn how to live with this new world of online connected computers. Hackers are no longer just some teenagers playing around breaching systems, but  profitable operations or government-sponsored teams of highly qualified engineers who can penetrate almost any imaginable security systems. 

More and more, the news about yet another data breach or corporate network being hacked, with damaging results not only for the business bottom line but also for the customers or even national infrastructure.

Ransomware is the new plague affecting all businesses 


How to improve IT Security in business

 IT Security is not about firewalls and anti-malware systems. It is primarily about PEOPLE and POLICIES and the entire set of PROCEDURES used in deploying computer systems and automation. PREVENTION AND PROTECTION, employing computer policies, antivirus and anti-malware, are nothing but the first line of defence against bad actors. Socially engineered attacks have become a common trend today, with hackers being able to find and use personal information to bypass platforms security and hack into your systems.

Any business that wants a 360 degrees approach to IT security needs to understand and implement it comprehensively, making sure all the above-mentioned elements are coming together to protect the data, the assets, the personal information of employees and customers alike.

IT Security services

Full IT Security Assistance

Our team works with the “ITIL continual service improvement” concept at the core of all activities, which is a simple yet powerful concept of using prior success and failures to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT Services and processes.

Documenting incidents and breaches, modifying policies in line with the most recent information available, and other procedures are helping us to evolve our IT Security services and improve the protection and safety of all systems.

Ultimately, our customers benefit from the knowledge developed from all the activities we perform for all businesses we support.

This approach is not new; large businesses have been using it for decades due to continuous threats emerging every day. The difference is we now put it in place for small to medium businesses and even micro-businesses. 

5 IT Security Pillars

To simplify our approach, we have defined the 5 areas of concern that we must address in a consistent IT Security strategy that we apply to any organisation, irrespective of the so-called “threat profile” they may have.

Often it is overlooked that people are the most critical element in IT security. Making your employees and customers aware of computer threats, bad practices, or recent hacker attacks is many times much more effective than having the latest firewalls and antivirus software. Additionally,  authenticating every participant or user of a system means we know where the threats may come from.

Both the computer-driven, automated security policies and the written IT policies are formidable tools to keep an IT infrastructure safe and secure. Used correctly and consistently, they also ensure everyone involved is aware and security incidents are avoided at little cost for the business.

Written procedures are much safer than having an ad-hoc approach when configuring IT infrastructure elements or onboarding new employees.

Even when the IT support team is organised and thorough, the business should have access to and control how IT security is configured for users and systems.

Proactively monitoring and adjusting all the IT security aspects of the infrastructure and environment is fundamental to keep threats away. A simple checklist with all the elements in place to protect various areas is always helpful. From having firewalls enabled to WiFi encryption and endpoint anti-virus, nothing should be left unchecked.

Last but not least, all the IT Security protection elements should be configured and running. It is not enough to have an antivirus or firewall deployed if it is turned off because it interferes with some software. Spending the time or the budget to have everything configured and working will keep the business safe.

IT Security is about
Users Rules Systems Firewalls Antivirus Checks Monitoring

Stop hackers from penetrating your network


 It makes it simple and easy to protect your IT assets.

Three simple steps to begin improving IT Security

User Password
IT Policy

The best password policy is targeting the length of the password, not complexity or regularly changing passwords. There is a secret to password security, and it's not what you'd expect...

Standard Endpoint

Sometimes, the best way to make something complex very simple to implement is to create a documented template. Having a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for computers is your best security.

User Onboarding
IT Procedure

If you want to implement good security practices, such as email and Internet policies, the best starting point is onboarding new employees. It doesn't have to be done by an IT professional...

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