Preterion is a team of passionate technology experts, with a core IT support team located in Australia, with most of service technicians living in Sydney, NSW. With the flexibility provided by modern technology, we can provide on-site and remote IT support, delivering quality IT services to Small and Medium Businesses across the Greater Sydney region.  

Preterion covers all your technology needs, from networking to application support, either directly or through specialized third parties. We never say “we don’t support this technology”, the same principles and activities apply whether we support Microsoft Windows, Apple iMac or Linux based environments.

In a world of accelerating complexity, new technology products are released often, and new threats appear daily. It is harder and harder to keep up with all the changes, innovations, threats and costs. This is where we help – by implementing IT Service Management (ITSM). Preterion ITSM takes IT Support to another level, providing full coverage of all ICT related aspects on behalf of the business. So you don’t stress about anything IT anymore.

We Make IT Simple!

Preterion: IT Service Management

We understand how important it is for our customers to receive IT Services without interruption. Consequently, we follow the ITSM principles and focus on managing and supporting all the critical services the ICT infrastructure provides.

Focus on the business


Instead of focusing on Information Technology, at Preterion we focus on your business. In addition, we are platform-agnostic, meaning we support in equal measure environments that are single-platform or very complex and stretch across many technologies.

Supporting everything internally or working with third-party providers is treated with the same policies and service level agreements.

Continuous IT Services Improvement

Having the PRETERION local IT Support team external to the business shouldn’t affect how IT services are managed. More importantly, a team of specialists should have the capacity to improve the state of IT continuously as the pool of information and experience is larger.

Having access to multiple IT infrastructures, each with its own particularities, allows us to experience multiple scenarios we then use to improve all our clients’ systems. This is a continuous activity, and the benefits are shared by all our customers, in equal measure.

In the end, our partnership with customers reflects that we haven’t had a major disaster in the last ten years, although the ongoing flux of IT threats happening around the world.

Comprehensive IT Knowledge

We are IT Professionals and proud of it. Our technology knowledge grows with every new customer as we learn their infrastructure, applications and business processes. Continually, we research and learn about new technology all the time.

All along, we use this knowledge to manage and support our customers’ businesses with technology services. This way, we provide ways to improve business profitability and stability.

Every month, new technologies are emerging, new threats and new challenges to overcome in the technology field. We like to believe we are on top of the information flow because our customers need it.

Learn something new every day

There was a time when accreditations and qualifications from large IT providers such as Microsoft and Cisco were meaningful and sought after by IT support technicians. They still are, for those who want to specialise in one vendor’s products or platform. However, for our team it is more important to have a broader range in today’s environment and strive every day to learn new things about technology. The basics have not changed, and they change slowly. Knowing the basics very well means we can apply the knowledge to almost any new piece of technology we come across.

We like to remain agile, learn every day something new and sometimes we admit we may not know everything. But we aim to.

Never say never…

We challenge our customers by bringing new concepts and new ideas to the table to solve their problems and help their business teams work better, faster, and more productive.

If an Open Source operating system like Linux can give them a competitive edge by lowering the IT infrastructure costs, we will encourage the users to try it. Sometimes, it’s worth to say “Never say never…”

A Local IT Support team you can trust

IT Services Covered by Preterion

Preterion support

On-site & Remote
Computer Support

Your users receive prompt IT support services from our team using the latest remote connection solutions., reducing the time to resolve incidents so your employees are productive in the office or working remotely.

preterion server support

IT Infrastructure

We monitor and maintain your entire IT infrastructure, from routers and switches to PCs and servers, including cloud-based. Together with regular updates and maintenance work, this keeps your IT Infrastructure humming.

Preterion networking support

Network & Internet

Our network engineers will source NBN connectivity, configure, support and maintain your Internet connection as well as your LAN (local area network). This includes routing and firewall setup and monitoring.

Preterion cloud platform support
Online Platforms

Our team of IT engineers is platform-agnostic and continuously keep training to learn more. This way, you get the best support regardless if you want to use Google Workspace, Microsoft's Office365 and other similar platforms.

Preterion Disaster recovery
Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery

We work hard to protect our customers against hackers, data loss and other technological threats using a series of advanced security systems, apps, business continuity policies and disaster recovery solutions.

Preterion application support
Business Application

You'll never hear "not supported" from us about any commercial software applications or in-house built Information Technology solutions. It is part of the overall local IT support services we provide, and there's no additional cost.

About Preterion

Preterion started in 2007 as a family business and remains that way. We primarily provide local IT Support Services in the Castle Hill area, but we have customers in other Sydney and NSW regions. We are an End-To-End IT Strategy and Solutions consultancy and an IT Service Management company. Additionally, we advise business owners and managers who want to leverage the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage.

From strategy to day-to-day support

The solutions we provide at Preterion range from IT Strategic planning, System Architecture and Design, to ongoing day-to-day IT Support. We also deliver Software and Hardware Implementations to Software Development and Business Intelligence.

We believe in “stuff that just works”.

Our approach to providing local IT Support Services is proactive by excellence because we use the latest IT Service Management principles. We created our own Service Catalogue to ensure IT services are received by the business, on business terms, and we focus on business processes not on technology elements. The delivery of IT services must be continuous and configured to be redundant and resilient to help the business function without interruption.
We focus on five elementary pillars of IT Serviceability:
  1. PERFORMANCE – To promote PRODUCTIVITY in all areas of your business.
  2. SECURITY – To protect your business from hackers and data leaks.
  3. COST – To make sure the price of doing business is affordable.
  4. RESILIENCE – To keep the business going regardless of adverse events.
  5. INNOVATION – By researching and bringing new solutions all the time.
Give us a call if you’d like to know more about how we can help your business.

Preterion IT support delivers value!

The Preterion local IT team supports businesses by providing a specially developed skill set around keeping IT infrastructures at peak performance. Instead of selling technology components or third party services, we prefer to join our customers as ICT partners. Our approach is in line with ITSM (IT Service Management) frameworks and aims to ensure your business infrastructure delivers what’s needed to increase profitability.

Here are some of the most asked questions about our ITSM approach:

FAQ about our IT Services Management

In simple terms, Information Technology Service Management is a different approach to managing technology, where the focus is on the continuity of services provided by the IT Infrastructure to the business units.

In a classic example, rather than repairing a broken computer, we make sure we have a replacement at hand that we can deploy immediately so that the user does not have to wait. The repaired computer then becomes the spare waiting for another incident.

It is difficult to give a number, when every business is different. The price of providing IT Service Management should encompass all the involved aspects, and allow the business to choose the budget it feels comfortable to pay. In order to secure the services of our IT Service Management team, the best approach is to be on a monthly subscription, on a contract period of at least one year. All our plans have an "all-you-can-eat" structure, with significant discounts for terms longer than one year.

The reason for this is to ensure that we can allocate a dedicated team that will know your IT infrastructure perfectly and they will be able to enable all the ITSM policies and processes that will keep your IT infrastructure and business safe and working well. It is literally like having your own IT team that happens to be shared with other businesses.

Ad-hoc or non-committed IT Support teams focus mostly on technology, not the business outcomes from using IT. With the ITSM approach, the IT team primary concern is to keep services running and eliminate issues as fast as possible to restore access for users and business units.

This means the performance of your entire IT infrastructure is in line with the business needs, and employees don't waste time waiting or trying to fix IT incidents themselves. Obviously, this leads to higher productivity in a world where everything runs on some form of computational infrastructure.

Yes. Part of our "Five Pillars of IT" concept is that security is yet another service any IT infrastructure should provide to the business. The difference is we don't rely on a simple anti-virus or firewall. For us, IT Security is about Pople, Policies, Procedures, Protection and Prevention.

In this context, there is a multitude of tools and methods we use, from training sessions with the users to deploying highly sophisticated spam filtering services.

Not only do we cover BC and DR, but the scenarios we apply are a far cry from a simple backup of your servers on a hard disk. We work with all our customers to understand how any downtime affects business units, and we plan to alleviate such situations.

As a perfect example, the COVID-19 pandemic did not affect our customers from a technology perspective. All our ITSM clients could work from home within 48 hours of the outbreak that locked down the national economy, and most of them did not need to spend extra budget to enable the features required.

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