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Is Your Technology Really Safe?


Today’s technology is fantastic and can really make a difference in how we run our businesses and how profitable they are. But, at the same time, the same technology can be used by malicious people or groups of people for nefarious purposes – from theft of information to shutting down services, from deleting files to locking you out of your computer network until you pay a hefty ransom.

The biggest threat is not a virus or phishing email but failing to understand how everything works in an environment where technology becomes increasingly complex and how the real protection must be implemented. Antivirus software may be useless against zero-day threats, and overly expensive firewalls and “UTM” (Universal Threat Management) devices may be useless against a socially-engineered attack. The range of possible vectors for security threats to a business is much larger than we can grasp.

Addressing security in today’s business environments begins with analysing the possible threat vectors that can be used by a hacker or a piece of automated software to penetrate your network and start wrecking havoc. A simple capture of network traffic can show if there are possible weak spots in a few hours and allow a better preparation of defences.

Policies, Procedures, Prevention

The best response to active threats today and possible future threats is not necessarily investment in sophisticated hardware and software, but rather in the implementation of down-to-earth internal policies and procedures that can educate and keep the users away from endangering the business. Many times, active threats on the Internet are unknown to the best security researchers for weeks. And, even after they become known, it can take weeks before the problems are patched and implemented – leaving the business exposed all this time.

Simple measures such as Web Filtering and browsing control, download policies or locking USB ports and CD/DVD devices can make much more sense than spending tens of thousands of dollars on the latest UTM on the market – and leaving it with basic, default settings that provide little if no real protection…

We Can Help!

We provide a range of services aimed at giving you a better chance to protect your business from technology threats:

  • Quick, basic, forensic analysis of internal network traffic – usually brings up a few oddities such as passwords being transmitted in clear, traffic related to a zero-day Trojan infection, exposed servers, unknown e-mail traffic…
  • Penetration tests for the business network and/or the cloud platform – to find the weak spots of your web presence and make sure you business is not exposed to hackers
  • IT Service Management Security audit – to find the security related holes in your ICT infrastructure management and support and provide advice for improvement
  • Strategic consulting to enable business ownership of security policies and procedures


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