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Responding to a business need with technology that is not only fit for the purpose but (most importantly) aligned with the overall business and ICT¬†strategy is always a challenge. Many implementations fail or under-deliver because of a missing exercise in the process: proper solution architecture and design. Facing towards the strategic element (structure and purpose primarily) the solution’s architecture concept is almost an absolute requirement for a successful solution design.

In this context, the solution’s design is nothing but an expression of the architecture concept, avoiding to be just a singular solution to one particular need – but rather a part of the big picture as demanded by the business plan.

Despite the fact that most IT Solutions architects do both architecture and design, most have a specific inclination towards one or the other – depending on their skills and experience. Beyond being astute technologists, systems architects and designers must have business acumen and be familiar with all the concepts involved in creating a solutions FOR THE BUSINESS – not for the beauty of technology…

Needless to day, we make sure we mix architecture, design AND business goals to provide the best solutions to our customers…

Case study: Document sharing solution for Sales Department

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